And finally…Hammered thrower pays for Bejing taxi with gold medal

Pawel Fajdek
Pawel Fajdek

As this week’s world athletics championships continues in Bejing today, news has emerged that gold medal-winning Polish hammer thrower Pawel Fajdek got so hammered during his victory celebrations that he paid for a taxi with gong.

On Sunday, the colourful Fajdek, 26, successfully defended his title in Beijing with his throw of 80.88 metres, which apparently led to a big night on the town.

But Chinese media outlet Tencent reported that Fajdek woke up with a hangover but minus a medal the next morning and frantically contacted police to help him retrieve it.

The authorities managed to track down the taxi driver who had driven the athlete back to his hotel. He told them that the 26-year-old Fajdek willingly handed over the gold medal to cover the fare.

The taxi driver happily handed back the medal.

Polish journalists confirmed they had seen Fajdek at a restaurant earlier in the evening where he had “drunk a lot in the celebration party”.

But Fajdek has now accused Chinese media of fabricating the story.

Writing on his official Facebook page he said he was having photos taken with the taxi driver, who he said “probably drove off with the medal unknowingly.”

He also criticised “stupid rumours” but said the Chinese media reaction “was logical.”