And finally… finger of suspicion

Giuseppe Fanara, a Sicilian mafia boss serving a life sentence for killing a police officer, has bitten off and swallowed the little finger of a guard he attacked at a prison in Rome. 

Mr Fanara charged at the guard during a routine cell inspection, punching him in the face and forcing him to the ground at Rebibbia jail.

During the struggle, he bit off the little finger of the guard’s right hand, The Times reports. 

An official said: “A search was carried out for the finger but it was never found, which led us to conclude that he swallowed it.”

It is reported that Mr Fanara also picked up a broomstick and charged at six other guards, yelling: “I’ll slit your throats like pigs!”

Mr Fanara has now been transferred to a high-security prison in Sardinia and will face new assault charges for his outburst.