And finally… Bank robber steals five days from court

A convicted bank robber used his legal right to a “last word” to make a five-day closing speech to court.

A district court in Hamburg, Germany sentenced the 71-year old bank robber, Michael Jauernik, to more than 12 years in jail for three bank robberies, attempted murder and violation of weapons law.

Under German law, a defendant is given the opportunity to have a “last word” after a verdict is given.

Defendants tend to use the time to show remorse or say nothing.

However, Mr Jauernik, who attended court in sunglasses, ranted about allegedly incompetent investigators and claimed he had more legal knowledge than his lawyers, CNN affiliate RTL reported. His speech spanned five days.

As the verdict was delivered, Mr Jauernik continually interrupted the judge, RTL said.

Mr Jauernik was previously convicted for a series of bank robberies in the 1970s and 1980s and led a five-day prison riot in Hamburg’s Fuhlsbüttel prison in 1990, RTL reported.

Jauernik’s lawyer, Johannes Rauwald, told German media that his client would appeal the sentence.