And finally… Amazon device would read people’s emotions

Online retail giant Amazon is in the process of developing a new piece of wearable tech with a voice-activated capacity to recognise human emotions via a variety of signals, Bloomberg has reported.

According to the report, secret project developing the device referred to internally as ‘Dylan’, would be worn on a wrist and could be equipped with microphones and voice-detection software that allow it to interpret human emotions.

It would be able to determine a user’s emotional state just by the sound of their voice, as well as advise the wearer on how to interact more effectively with others, Bloomberg said.

Based on a user’s emotions, it can then suggest products or provide more personalised recommendations.

The device is reportedly being developed at Amazon as part of abeing

Amazon’s Lab126, which oversaw hardware projects like the now-defunct Fire phone and the series of Echo devices, is working with the Alexa voice software team to build the wearable.

Amazon declined to comment on the Bloomberg report.