And finally… a turkey voting for Christmas

A 23-year old college student in Missouri will have a veto on a local sales tax increase after the city council’s gerrymandering attempt went wrong.

The Columbia Daily Tribune reports that a new “community improvement district”, which was drawn to include only commercial properties, has inadvertently resulted in an electorate of 1 - meaning Ms Jen Henderson, its sole resident, will have to vote on whether to approve a planned tax hike.

Under state law, decisions to impose sales taxes in a CID have to be made by registered voters living in the district boundaries.

If there aren’t any registered voters in the area, property owners vote instead - but property owners banking on clever district boundaries were foiled when Ms Henderson registered to vote in February.

She told the Tribune she was leaning towards voting against the tax hike, especially because a local official had “tried to get me to unregister, and that’s pretty manipulative”.

Ms Henderson also said the negative impact on low-income families is “kind of sad”.