And finally…£50,000 ‘McNugget’ found in Scottish river

A gold nugget – which has been described as one of the biggest ever found in Britain - has been discovered in a Scottish river.

The McNugget was discovered two years ago but both the find and the finder have remained secret until now.

The man who found it has been reported to be in his 40s but his identity is still unknown, as is the location of the river where the nugget was when he found it.

What is known is that the gold, dubbed the Douglas Nugget, weighs 85.7g, and has been estimated to be worth more than £50,000.

Gold expert Leon Kirk, from Gold Panning Supplies UK, told the BBC: “This is a very exciting and unprecedented find.

“But the nugget’s rarity means it is very hard to put a price on it.

“I would say it is worth at least £50,000 but, as it’s rarer than an Aston Martin or a Faberge egg, a billionaire could easily come along and pay a lot more for it.

“Historically, it is off the Richter scale.”

Its lucky discoverer said hemade the find while “sniping” - which sees gold hunters don a dry suit and snorkel before lying face down in a river.

He said he had discovered it while out searching with a friend and had not initially realised how big it was but when they did it provoked a reaction of delight.

“I took off my glove and picked it up, jumped out of the water and screamed ‘bingo!’ to my friend,” he said.

“We were both stunned and couldn’t believe it. I’ve never seen anything like it in my lifetime.”

The owner is currently unsure what to do with his nugget, but is keeping it in a safety deposit box in the meantime.

Mr Kirk said he hoped it would end up being purchased by a British museum, although legally it could have to be handed over to The Crown Estate.